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Miami Biennale is a non-profit organization that works to establish initiatives in the arts that stimulate funding from both public and private institutions; to create projects that develop and promote interactive platforms in the arts for both education and cultural development.


Miami Biennale is an independent, international, apolitical, interdisciplinary non-profit organization, whose main objective is to promote art, poetry, performing, visual and audiovisual arts, music, architecture, urban landscaping, design, Internet, radio and television.

Through the organization of diverse multicultural projects with all year round on going activities such as, but not limited to, national and international arts, music, film, video, television, radio, Internet, architecture & landscape, design, publications, plus related fairs, forums, festivals and conferences, with a main event every two years that focuses in education through art, Miami Biennale will be fulfilling its main objective of promoting a creative dialogue between Miami, its multi-layered cultural community and the world.

Miami Biennale's mission will encompass developing initiatives that will stimulate funding from both public and private institutions, in order to generate projects that will create, develop and promote interactive activities of innovative knowledge in the arts education and to enable the integration of our community to the international networks for the developing of culture.


Milagros Maldonado Blaubach
Ariana Testamarck Orellana