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Victoriano de los Ríos

Art Works
Victoriano de los Ríos Armando Reverón con pumpá, Macuto, Venezuela, ca. 1949-1953 Gelatine silver print; 24 x 20 inches
From Beyond the Erotic: Essay on Permanence

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Victoriano de los Ríos (1910-1975) Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Lived in Caracas, Venezuela.

Victoriano de los Ríos was a photographer of Spanish origin that lived in Venezuela since 1947. He worked as a photographer and chief of scientific and documental photography in different institutions, such as Elite magazine, the Social Security Administration, the AVAP, the Obrero Bank and the CTPJ. In the fifties he was outstanding, considered one of the best artistic photographers of the country along with celebrities like Alfredo Boulton and Ricardo Razetti. Between 1949 and 1954 he was devoted to photograph spaces, intimacy and the personality of the controversial Venezuelan artist Armando Reverón. There is a vast archive of photographs of the registry of Reverón that covers until the death of the artist, constituting an invaluable testimonial of life and work of one of the most important personalities of Venezuelan art.

In 1949 these images were exhibited at the CVA under the title Reverón, wizard of light, interpreted by Victoriano de los Ríos. Many years after Victoriano de los Ríos’s death the Galería de Arte Nacional exhibited this group of photographs under the name of Armando Reverón at the light of Victoriano de los Ríos.”